MicroPower Vision

The overall vision of MicroPower is to establish bioaugmentation, a process where specific microorganisms are added to a biological system to improve/recover specific functions, as an economical and user-friendly tool, in order to boost the bioenergy production in biogas plants utilizing currently unwanted biomasses such as lignocellulose- and ammonia-rich.

The MicroPower concept

Main scientific and technological objectives

  • To identify and enrich hydrolytic and anerobic digestion consortia that could be used to construct the advanced composite bioaugmentation inocula.
  • To provide a novel long-term preservation method of the advanced composite inocula in ready-to-use product, with high revival rate.
  • To create and validate a novel bioaugmentation platform with advanced composite inocula to improve hydrolysis and alleviate ammonia toxicity in biogas reactors.
  • To perform life-cycle analysis (LCA) and to evaluate the market potential of the bioaugmentation platform that uses advanced composite inocula in underperforming biogas reactors.
  • To disseminate, communicate and exploit project results.

Work plan of the MicroPower project